Plyocide - Death by Jumping

Plyocide is the intense jump-training workout you’ll do once a week in the first two phases of P90X2. Plyocide builds on the original Plyometrics from P90X, but as Tony points out, this routine is quite different from than the original.

As the P90X2 Fitness Guide says, Plyocide “combines traditional explosive movements with mind and coordination drills to increase not only your speed and endurance, but your entire mind/body connection.”

Some of the exercises, like the mind-coordination Think Drill, might seem silly. (Especially with Horton acting more jacked up than usual and asking the crew to make rabbit faces.) But these moves definitely get your heart pumping, and you’ll notice an improvement in your endurance as the weeks go on.
The actual workout portion of Plyocide is short — about 25 min. — and consists of five rounds of four exercises each. The first move is a non-Plyometric exercise and the last three are explosive jumping moves. To get the most out of the workout, you really need to kick it the whole 25 min.
The cool down, which is a long 12 min. plus, introduces neuro-integrated stretching (NIS). NIS is supposed to be especially effective after dynamic workouts like Plyocide and P.A.P. Upper/P.A.P. Lower.

Plyocide is the most cardio-like P90X2 workout in the 90-day program (followed closely by P.A.P. Lower and Base+Back) If you push yourself the whole 25 min., you’ll get a heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout.
Workout time from warm-up to cooldown

54:00 minutes

The peeps
Tony Horton, Mark Briggs, Tracey Morrow, Roberto
Tape (optional), stability ball (or towel), foam roller (or towel), 1 medicine ball (or towel), plyo box (or sturdy platform), bands (or towel), mat (optional)
Best Tonyism
“It’s Plyocide! Death by jumping.”
“She has 4,072 children. She lives in a house the size of Kansas.” (about Tracey Morrow)
“Hopefully you have a towel. If you don’t, you live in a van down by the river.”

Tip of the day
Pay attention to your footwear. Tony adamantly warns against bare feet on cement — “Don’t recommend it.” (high-pitch Tony voice) “Don’t recommend it.” (higher) “I recommend really springy, bouncy shoes. Of course you can use a nice foam mat, that’s important too.”
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