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Training, training , training……. Oh god! Will you please give me a break? Now I am tired of writing on training, especially about leadership training courses. The more I write the less it is. I have included almost all aspect on leadership training Australia. Now I really wonder what to write! Yes it is true, the more I write the less it is. I suppose by now as a reader you all must be convinced about the importance of leadership training courses in Australia. So need I pen down anything more for you? Well, mmmm not really you see. But the article is meant for google to read and not for humans to read and so writing on the same topic again and again is irreplaceable. I have to do it, that to with creativity. But why a mechanical device like google needs creativity? Can’t it pick up those major keywords from article and display the site on top ranking? Just image if this happens. Wow so easy for me Na? Write down anthing on leadership training course with lots of keywords and google is all set to top the site.

But it’s not that easy I know, the site will be banned and I will be out of job. So sad.

Anyway, now let’s be serious. Hey, I was not kidding before. I was serious then too.
Ever thought what happnes after the leadership training coursesis completed? We go back home with big smile and with new prespective in our preoccupied mind.that’s all. Ever company tries to measure ROI that is retun on investment? Very few.

I feel companies must measure retuns on investment. I will explain what it is. The HR tries to find out whether the amount invested in training has reaped any benefits or no. And then these benefits are measure in terms of money. It’s a serious business altogether, but worth doing it. It helps the company to understand how much amount is earned back by the employee’s invovled in leadership training Australia. Sounds quite interesting!! For this the qualitative feedback needs to be taken from participants and then it is converted into quantative feedback. A little cumbersome but application of correct statistical tool will make it easy. These results are later shown to the top management for furthur decision making purpose.

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Thank you.

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