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I have written in all my previous articles, that instruments specially electronics ones should be calibrated. Now let’s see what is meant by multimeter calibration?  Multimeter is a device used to check for AC or DC voltages and continuity of electrical components , small amounts of current in circuits. This instrument will let you check to see if there is voltage present on a circuit. We often see electrician using these instrument before repairing any electrical device, be it fan, tube light, socket, builb etc.

Multimeter calibration is so very essential. Imagine an electrician is come at your place and his device is not working. The moment he starts repairing he will get badly injured due to high voltage and end up losing his life. Hence Multimeter calibration is mandatory. Whenever serious / major decisions need to be taken instruments should be calibrated and only then must be put up for sale.

Now let’s have a look at medical instrument calibration example. You are suffering for fever. You are trying to measure the temperature with the help of thermometer. But unfortunately the thermometer is not working and it shows wrong temperature.  This will direct you to give wrong medication to your beloved one. A strong dose will make the condition more critical or even result in death. Hence medical instrument calibration is must.

So wherever you are always remember calibration play a pivotal role in our life. Wrong instruments will affect our life adversely. Medicine, engineering industry etc need this device almost regularly. One small mistake in medicine can result in loss of life. So need not take your life or any other activity for granted. Use proper calibrated instruments. Make calibration a part of your life.

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