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Modern businesses are continously choosing new methods to stay way ahead in their business. They opt for latest techniques, as it has many benefits. Metal cutting fluids and cutting oils are the latest invention in the engineering world. Initially enigneering workshops required huge amount of coolants which were expensive and messy as well. But with the research and development in engineering world metal cutting fluids and smart cutting oils has been choosed unanimously by all. These cutting oils are 100 % biodegradable. It is non toxic, reduces friction, cost effective and requires only in samll ounces. Since it is environment friendly it helps manufacturers to “go green”. Also it does not cause dermatitis, and aids in creating a safer work space for workers.

This cutting oil eliminates the need for coolant treatment and disposal. It spreads evenly to the surface of tools, providing a thin, low friction barrier between the cutting tool and work piece. This unique cutting oil is available in liquid and paste form.  Available in 3 different variations, it can be used on metals, wood, non ferrous metals, ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, plastics etc.

Using it has its own returns. Being environment conscious the metal cutting fluid is developed to be environment friendly. This is a major USP of the fluid. Many companies are coming forward to benefit from this. It has zero petroleum and silicon products, resulting the fluid biodegradeable. Metal cutting fluid should be used cautiously. It is harmless, protected for workers. It keeps machine and shop floor dry; resulting good maintenance and safe floor. You will be surprised to know that the quantity of fluid required per cycle is minimal. The coolube content in the fluid makes it a good lubricant. It reduces friction 50% better than typical mineral oils preventing heat buildup and resulting in longer tool life and a superior cut finish.

So go ahead to make the most of it. This new invention will surely help you in a long way.

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    Metal cutting technology lift productivity (Monday, 19 August 2013 04:25)

    Developments in metal cutting technology offer manufacturers an opportunity to lift their productivity and stay ahead from competitors. There are various companies which provide metal cutting services.

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