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We need counseling at each and every crucial stage in our life. Not just when we are confused or unable to make a decision; even little behaviour like anger, moody, sensitiveness needs counseling. Due to hectic life schedules and pressures we tend to become more erratic. This rises our pressures and stress. Excess of anything is bound to have adverse effect on our bodies. We can say anger is the by product of stress that we endure every day with every one. Hence anger management has become a crucial element in our lives.

Anger not just spoils our relation and work but also spoils our over all mood of the day. This does not mean that we should not get angry. Anger is very natural. If your are normal and sane person you are bound to get angry, but care should be taken that it should not spoil the overall balance of our life. So anger management counseling is a must. So what can we do to manage our anger?

Here’s a few steps:

1.    Observe your diet. It should be rich in proteins, calcium, minerals and less of carbs. Avoid meat, chicken and deep fried food. Non veg food tend to make you angry quicky.
2.    Eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits.
3.    Exercise daily without fail.
4.    Meditate everyday. Duration of meditation should be equal to your age. For eg if you are 20 years old you should medidate for 20 mins.
5.    Do not react to situation, rather respond. As Osho has said respond is from present, reaction is from the past.
6.    Think rationally from different prespective before jumping to the conclusion. Try to understand other persons view as well.
7.    Practise any art form of your choice like origami, dance, music, instrument etc. this will enable you to develop patience.
8.    Open your heart to a close friend, friends can do best counselling for you.
9.    Do not get dishearten by failures. Every day come with new hopes and new dreams.

If your practice above mentioned simple steps I am confident anger management will not be a tough task. Love yourself and give yourself some time to learn and unlearn cliché.

And above all life is precious; always give it a new chance to explore new avenues to the fullest. Do what you love, and I guarantee you will never need a professional help in anger management.

Good luck!!

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