Safety Rolling Ladders and Work Platforms

For industrial stairways and lifts, get modular ROLLING LADDER. We build work platforms along with aluminum stairs and work platform components to offer our customers using the best alternative scenario for reaching elevated levels. Work platforms make safety simple having its four part platform including: industrial ladder, universal work platforms, aluminum stairs and tower platform supports.

These four components make for unlimited configurations, providing you the surrounding it is advisable to accommodate appropriate set-up. The handrails are of your standard size, yet they bolt to any platform side by way of a corresponding bolt. The handrails are constructed from a round pipe of less than two inches and are also from the yellow standard powder coat color in order to meet all safety regulations. The three' x 3' work platform design expands from the standard patterns of the bolt openings, supplying you with a chance to attach stairs, handrails, along with platforms thereto. This provides an infinite volume of possibilities, thus the finance to be noted because of its innumerable configurations.

Each Rolling Ladder is formed from a sole part of aluminum and has a slip resistant walk surface. This rolling ladder has been the guise for many of our customers and also has been depended upon by among the best in the marketplace. The main work platform is the industrial metal step unit that gives a 26" walk surface with slip resistant treads in 9" vertical increments. It's obtainable in eleven sizes also inside standard safety yellow powder coat, the system as a possible easy-to-assemble structure for lower shipping. A final component would be the tower support.

The bolt whole configuration matches the bolt holes within the work platform. This enables a tower attachment to span the seam of two platforms as well as to be on as many as four sides of your single platform no matter the locations of stairs. Add several platforms to inflate the outer lining, which need no intermediate support until it exceeds three platforms. Each configuration could be altered and components is usually re-purposed without notice as our patent-pending platform design permits for handrails and stairs to install to standard bolt holes on all sides, enabling multiple configurations without drilling or fabrication. With his industrial ladder, rolling ladder and work platforms save your time and eliminate costly engineering and fabrication.

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